Shibashish Giri

University of Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Shibashish Giri ( The person behind the grand success of

Dr. Shibashish Giri  ( Deputy head, Stem cell Department, Medical faculty, University of Leipzig, Germany):

Dr. Shibashish Giri is a stem cell specialist in research and therapy.

He has more than 13 years’ experience in preclinical research and clinical therapy in Germany and 10 years in India. He has key role for successfully treatments of 2000 patients of skin burning, skin ulcer including diabetic necrotic wounds patients. Recently, he and his group successfully treated  spinal cord injury patients using activation of endogenous stem cells for regeneration of spinal cord.

Currently, he is working as a deputy head  of department of  applied stem cell biology and cell technology group at Biomedical and Biotechnological Center (BBZ), Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig, Germany. Currently, he is focusing on defatting fatty liver, scar less skin regeneration, epigenetic targets for liver diseases, hepatic differentiation from human-induced pluripotent stem cells, boosting factors for regenerative medicine, bone healing and biomaterials for stem cell research. He has 42 peer-reviewed publications and 251 citations of his papers  on stem cell and regenerative medicine and more than 239 international invited lectures in different countries. He has visited 50 international countries for academic research and clinical therapy. Additionally, He is  ad hoc reviewer of Research council (MRC), United Kingdom, Ministry of Czech Republic and other European countries. He has received several awards in teaching and research in Germany, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.  He is a scientific member of the World Federation & World Virtual Institute of Preventive & Regenerative Medicine. He is scientific advisor on several Government research councils (The Medical Research Council, United Kingdom, Science and technology ministry, Czech Republic, Prague, MINISTRY OF HEALTHCARE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN, RUSSIA, Ukraine and  other countries). He is health care advisor of several Hollywood actors and actresses. He has key role to develop several  premium brands  of cosmetic products. He is scientific advisor of Ministry of Russia, Medical research council, UK and other European countries.