Neil McIntyre

Lindsay Leg Club Foundation, UK

Neil McIntyre joined the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation as a trustee at the beginning of 2018. Previously, Neil was a senior manager for BT Group plc, a British multinational telecommunication holding company responsible for research and development. He gained a PhD from the University of Surrey for his research work on high-speed devices for BT’s next generation transmission systems, before going on to become a departmental manager. Here he was responsible for the development of computer systems to support operational staff, establishing close working with offshore IT suppliers, enabling automation and cost efficiencies for running BT’s networks.

With his background of databases and data handling, in his role as trustee he undertook to lead the work of analysing some of the extensive data held within the Leg Club database developed by the late Richard Lindsay. The work has revealed some interesting aspects of Leg Club performance and ulcer healing findings. With fellow colleagues a research paper based upon the information gathered as a result of the methodology applied lead to a publication in a leading wound care journal.

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