Hanna Kaufman

Maccabi Health Care, Israel

Dr. Kaufman is an Orthopedic Surgeon and is the medical director of Haifa District at “Maccabi” Health Care Services. Dr. Kaufman also holds the role of “Maccabi”  national wound care medical director.  Dr. Kaufman has had an extensive and significant involvement in wound care and has served as Project Manager of the “Tele-Wound” Clinics as well as Doctor and Director of Clinical Research at “Maccabi” Health Care Services. She served as the Chair of the wound healing steering committee – Ministry of Health – Israel. She was a Leader and Medical Director of the shockwave Therapy Technology in Israel and managed the Shock Wave Therapy Clinic. She was a Member of Scientific Committee at the European academy of wound technology and North American academy of wound technology (EAWT, NAAWT).