Abstract Topics

  • Risk assessment for diabetic foot ulceration in individuals: Clinical practice and available technologies to support practice
  • Early detection and diagnostics of pre-ulceration conditions
  • Ultrasound, infrared thermography, bio-impedance and other imaging modalities to determine foot tissue health status in persons with diabetes
  • In-shoe and wearable sensors to monitor the diabetic foot in real-time
  • e-Health and smart phone application technology to protect the diabetic foot
  • Big data for analysis of ulceration risks, epidemiology and patterns
  • Telemedicine to diagnose ulceration and manage the diabetic foot
  • Innovative medical device technologies in early detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers
  • Individualized medicine in managing the diabetic foot
  • In-shoe microclimate and microclimate design of footwear and orthotic devices aimed at protecting the diabetic foot
  • Innovation in treating foot ulcers using surgical and non-surgical approaches
  • Dressing technologies for treating diabetic foot ulcers
  • Infections of diabetic foot ulcers and effective treatment of infections
  • Smart textiles and smart materials to protect and monitor the diabetic foot
  • Negative pressure therapy for treating diabetic foot ulcers
  • Novel approaches for neuropathy measurement and quantification
  • Tissue biomechanics and tissue structure and function in the diabetic foot
  • Off-loading and pressure redistribution devices to protect the diabetic foot
  • Innovative footwear and shoes for diabetics
  • Analysis of posture, gait and motion in diabetes and diabetic neuropathy
  • Rehabilitation after diabetic foot amputation
  • Orthotics and prosthetics for persons with diabetes
  • Hyperbaric medicine to treat diabetic foot ulcers
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